Executive board of Europe’s neuroblastoma network SIOPEN

EU Commissioner visits St. Anna

Kaan Boztug awarded the “Işil Berat Barlan Award”

Bone marrow metastases for the first time analyzed cell by cell

Four FWF Stand Alone Projects recently approved at St. Anna CCRI

Study identifies better tolerable chemotherapy without loss of efficacy

A new language for congenital immune disorders

“1000 Ideas” to boost childhood cancer research

a new role for histone modifications in genomic imprinting

Gene defect shortens survival and needs targeted treatment

WWTF grant to promote precision medicine in childhood cancer

St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute is receiving a prestigious Life Science Grant for Precision Medicine, provided by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF). Award winner Eleni Tomazou and her colleagues will clinically validate a promising new diagnostic approach, expected to enable precision medicine in childhood tumors based on blood samples.

Blood test detects childhood tumors based on their epigenetic profiles

Invasive virus infections during chemotherapy: an underestimated factor

ALSF Crazy 8 Initiative Award goes to Vienna: Tracking the tumor origin to cure childhood cancer

The project “Tracking the origin of Ewing sarcoma (…)” coordinated by St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute, has been selected for the prestigious Crazy 8 Initiative Award. With this funding, Viennese scientists aim to elucidate the still unsolved mystery of the origin and development process of pediatric bone sarcomas. This knowledge is fundamental to lay a path for new and more effective therapies to cure childhood cancer.