FACS Core Unit

The CCRI flow cytometry core unit provides state-of-the-art instrumentation and services for diagnostic and research applications to intra -and -extramural users. The unique strength of flow cytometry lies in the rapid multi-parameter assessment of cells or particles in suspension. Heterogenous samples can be analysed in detail at single cell level. The core unit currently runs four flow cytometers for 18 to 30 parameter measurements. We offer flow cytometric analysis of multicolour samples and sorting of up to 4 target populations simultaneously from a single sample.


Monday – Friday / 10.00-16.00
+43 1 40470-4097


Anna-Maria Husa
Operator FACS Core Unit
Laura Senk
Operator FACS Core Unit
Dieter Printz
Operator FACS Core Unit
Johannes Reisecker
Flow Cytometry Core Specialist