EuSARC 2023 Flash Talks

Friday, 19.05.2023


Maria Cristina Manara: Influence of CD99 triggering on macrophage functions and tumor cell killing in Ewing sarcoma
Margherita Cortini: Endogenous Extracellular Matrix Regulates the Response of Osteosarcoma 3D Spheroids to Doxorubicin
Veveeyan Suresh: Ewing sarcoma screening model to identify EWS::FLI1 modulators and their consequences on tumorigenesis
Valerie Fock: Linking EWS::FLI1 thresholds to distinct transcriptional programs and functional cell states in Ewing sarcoma
Martha Zylka: Exploration of lung metastasis in pediatric solid tumors through in vitro modeling
Tyler Barr: Oncolytic virus therapy for Ewing sarcoma 
Snehadri Sinha: Osteosarcoma-derived extracellular vesicle treatments to 2D and 3D cultures of mesenchymal stem cells


Djenana Vejzovic: Thinking outside the box: patient-derived sarcoma models
Linda Vidova: Identifying the genetic drivers of cancer stem cells for regrowth and metastasis of soft tissue sarcoma 
Tyler Barr: Oncolytic herpes simplex virus immunotherapy for osteosarcoma 
Borja Gallego: Multi-omics Approach to Address Doxorubicin Resistance in Bone Sarcomas
Akanksha Farswan: The Genomic Landscape of Clear Cell Sarcoma 
Katie Finegan: Targeting ERK5 as a new immunotherapy approach for osteosarcoma
Lucia Cottone: Aberrant paracrine signalling underlies the oncohistone-driven giant cell tumour of bone


Marcus Tötzl: Highly multiplexed large-scale dissection of epigenetic dysregulation in Ewing sarcoma.
Sybille Mittnacht: Towards a Living Biobank for Sarcoma in the Head and Neck Region
Carmen Huergo: Cold plasma and inhibition of STAT3 selectively target tumorigenicity in osteosarcoma
Fernando Lecanda: Development of new murine sarcoma models
Carmo Martins: Derivation and characterization of a novel pediatric mesenchymal chondrosarcoma cell line carrying the pathognomonic HEY1::NCOA2 fusion
Živa Zajec: Discovery and optimisation of novel Hsp90 C-terminal inhibitors with activity against Ewing sarcoma
Elisabet Figuerola Bou: The neddylation inhibitor Pevonedistat alters RING1B activity in Ewing sarcoma


Javier Munoz-Garcia: New antibodies against IL-34 reduce in vitro and in vivo tumor cell proliferation in osteosarcoma models
Vineet Dalal: Distinct roles for Polycomb repressive complexes in synovial sarcoma
Miriam Arrulo: Identification of novel therapies for metastatic soft tissue sarcoma
Dzohara Cabria Murillo: CRISPR/Cas9 dropout screening to identify genetic vulnerabilities in osteosarcoma
Anna Ehlers: Characterization of chemoresistance mechanisms in Ewing sarcoma
Dominique Heymann: CIRCUS: Circulating tumour cells in soft tissue sarcoma – a pilot study
Anna Loboda: Pathing the way: HDAC and BET inhibitor combination as a novel treatment option for Ewing Sarcoma.
Michael Dack: Repurposing the Repurposed: Exploring Heme-Oxygenase 1 Activity in Osteosarcoma Metastasis
Saturday, 20.05.2023


Fernando Lecanda: Immune landscape of lung metastases in immunocompetent osteosarcoma models
Caterina Sturtzel: Advanced high-content imaging-based phenotypic drug screening on pediatric cancer zebrafish xenografts 
Jaka Dernovšek: New Hsp90 C-terminal domain inhibitor TSF-15 hinders tumour growth in a larval Ewing sarcoma zebrafish xenograft model
Adam Varady: Spatially precise eradication of cancer cells in vivo using a photoswitchable microtubule inhibitor
Denis Cochonneau: Detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in two rare soft tissue tumors:  PEComa & Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor (DSRT)
Joanna Kitlinska: Neuropeptide Y and its Y5 receptor in Ewing sarcoma metastasis
Natacha Entz-Werlé: Anti-GD2 synergizes with hypoxia pathway targeting to block osteosarcoma cell proliferation and migration 
Per Sonne Holm: Targeting BRD4 and CDK4/6 uncovered key functionalities in the adenoviral life cycle and enhances the oncolytic potency of XVir-N-31