EuSARC 2023 Program

Thursday, 18.05.2023
18:30Kim Stegmaier (keynote speaker): Ewing Sarcoma – A Goldilocks Tale
19:30Welcome reception

Friday, 19.05.2023

09:00Isidro Cortes-Ciriano (guest speaker): Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour (MPNST) evolution is defined by recurrent copy number aberrations that are detectable in cell-free DNA and predict clinical outcome 
09:30Beate Rinner: Patient-derived translocation-related sarcoma models enables translational research and tailored therapies
09:45Nikolaus Mandlburger: Potentials of epigenetic analysis of cell-free DNA for liquid biopsies in Ewing sarcoma
10:00Natacha Entz-Werlé: Osteoblastic-gene signature to predict survival in pediatric osteosarcoma (OS) and to follow patients towards liquid biopsy: a collaborative work in OS2006 protocol.
10:15Flash Talks
10:45Coffee Break
11:15Anna Obenauf (guest speaker): Towards rational combination therapies: Understanding tumor evolution during therapy response and resistance
11:45Marie Castets: Targeting cell death in rhabdomyosarcoma: new perspectives from organoid technology.
12:00Martin Distel: cPLA2 expression correlates with enhanced invasion of osteosarcoma cells in vivo
12:15Birgit Lohberger: Cellular and molecular biological alterations after proton and carbon ion irradiation in human chondrosarcoma cells with respect to DNA repair and radiosensitivity
12:30Flash Talks
13:00Lunch Break
14:00Silvia Stacchiotti (guest speaker): New treatments for ultra-rare sarcomas
14:30Sofia Avnet: Gut microbiota dynamics in osteosarcoma patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment and its association with response to therapy
14:45Sara Sánchez Molina: KDM6 demethylases mediate EWSR1-FLI1-driven oncogenic transformation in Ewing Sarcoma
15:00Aykut Uren: Piperacetazine directly binds to PAX3::FOXO1 and inhibits its transcriptional activity in rhabdomyosarcoma cells
15:15Flash Talks
15:45Coffee Break
16:15Florian Grebien (guest speaker): Oncogenic mechanisms of fusion proteins in pediatric cancer
16:45Sibylle Mittnacht: Therapeutics profiling identifies selective vulnerabilities in standard-of-care agent unresponsive osteosarcoma
17:00Christoph Hafemeister: Tracking Ewing Sarcoma origin using Developmental Genomics
17:15Julian Musa: Chromosome 8 gain drives poor patient outcome via expression of 4E-BP1 in Ewing sarcoma
17:30Flash Talks
19:30Social Event

Saturday, 20.05.2023
09:00Georg Winter (guest speaker): Targeting gene control in cancer via small-molecule degraders
09:30Ian Lock: Identifying non-canonical p53 functions that mediate tumor suppression
09:45Javier Munoz-Garcia: ETV4 controls the dormancy of osteosarcoma cells
10:00Kazuhiko Matsuoka: Activation of c-Fos and p53 inactivation drives recurrent/metastatic Osteosarcoma
10:15Flash Talks
10:45Coffee Break
11:00Christoph Bock (guest speaker): Programmed Cells? Machine learning for precision medicine
11:30Antonin Marchais: Deciphering the Spatial Complexity of Osteosarcoma Lung Metastases: Unveiling Metaphyseal-Like Tumor Architecture and Recurrent Immunosuppression
11:45Nezha Benabdallah: An autoregulatory feedback loop converging on H2A ubiquitination drives synovial sarcoma
12:00Closing Remarks