Brief history of EuSARC meetings 

In 2017, Dominique Heymann organized the first European Workshop on Translational Research of bone sarcoma (19 – 20 June 2017) at the University of Sheffield, UK. This two-day European Workshop was aimed at young researchers working on bone sarcoma. It provided training in bone sarcoma and more specifically osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma.  This meeting was a great success with over 100 attendees. 

In 2018, the current name of our meetings “EuSARC” was introduced. Nicola Baldini organized the second EuSARC meeting in Bertinoro, Italy (31 May – 2 June 2018).  

In 2019, the meeting was hosted by Thomas Grünewald in Benediktbeuern, Germany (30 May – 1 June 2019). 

In 2020, the health crisis postponed the meeting that should have taken place in Pamplona. To continue the scientific discussion and interaction between EuSARC attendees, webinars were organized with invited speakers (10 webinars in 2 years). 

In 2022, and after a two-year break, EuSARC in person meetings resumed. Prestigious speakers and young researchers met in Pamplona, Spain (26 –28 May 2022). The meeting was organized by Fernando Lecanda. 

In 2023, the meeting takes place in Vienna Austria (18 – 20 May 2023). Eleni Tomazou and her colleagues at St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute (CCRI) will be our hosts.