Wolf vs. Sheep – Game Release on International Childhood Cancer Day 2024

(Vienna, 15.2.2023) Today, we stand united under the golden ribbon – it’s International Childhood Cancer Day. A day to reflect on the fact that children aren’t simply „little“ adults, and their cancer journey demands dedicated research for tailored treatments.

Bioinformatics plays a crucial role in this journey. Among its many facets, it automates the examination of a patient’s tumor sample and searches for cancer-relevant mutations. Yet, it’s far from straightforward – distinguishing malignant from benign gene mutations requires a sophisticated filtering system.

Our Bioinformatician, Peter Zöscher, teamed up with lab manager Wojciech Garncarz for the illustrations to translate this intricate process into a game. Instead of searching for gene mutations, players embark on a quest to identify wolves within a flock of sheep. 

In honor of today’s occasion, this game is now available HERE

Are you ready to play?

In your flock of sheep, wolves have hidden! And they are not so easy to find. Your mission: Separate the wolves from the sheep by skillfully using the three filters: Color („Farbe“), Malice („Boshaftigkeit“), and Weight („Gewicht“), and not losing a single wolf in the process!

• Start the game through the link

• You find yourself in front of a colorful flock of sheep, ranging from friendly to grumpy, and a random number of wolves in various colors and temperaments.

• Adjust the rule sliders for the filters and observe how the flock changes.

• Find the perfect balance for Color, Malice, and Weight.

• Can you find all the wolves without losing a single sheep?

Gameplay “Wolf vs. Sheep”

Creating Awareness together

Let’s celebrate International Childhood Cancer Day by raising awareness and supporting research efforts. Play the game, share the knowledge, and join us in advocating for a brighter future for our little warriors.