Polina Kameneva wins FWF Start Prize

(21.06.2024) Yesterday, Polina Kameneva won the prestigious FWF START Prize for her innovative research project. In her project she aims to understand the protective mechanisms of cells at different stages of development, particularly with regard to neuroblastoma.

The FWF START Prize provides researchers with a financial basis for carrying out long-term and internationally competitive research projects. The award winners are selected by the FWF Board, based on the recommendations of an international jury of top scientists.

The eight winners were honored in yesterdays festive ceremony. Our new Principal Investigator, Polina Kameneva, who previously worked at the Medical University of Vienna, was honored for her project “Modelling Pediatric Tumor Initiation with Human Stem Cells”. Her research approach involves analyzing 3D organoids of human stem cells to understand why cells are protected from cancer at certain stages of development and not at others.

We are proud of Polina’s extraordinary achievement and look forward to following the progress and insights that emerge from her groundbreaking project.