The first-ever ITCC Scientific Days concluded with big success! 

Florian Grebien appointed as new Principal Investigator at St. Anna CCRI

Prof. Florian Grebien, PhD, is eager to understand why some childhood leukemias show poor treatment response and how this can be tackled. To this end, he is now establishing his own team at St. Anna Children's Cancer Research Institute (St. Anna CCRI). "Prof. Grebien is an outstanding researcher. We have followed his scientific achievements for many years and are very pleased to have been able to recruit him as a Principal Investigator to St. Anna CCRI," says Prof. Kaan Boztug, MD, Scientific Director of St. Anna CCRI.

EuSARC 2023 in Vienna: Bringing together sarcoma researchers from across the world

Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer: ITCC Conference for the first time in Vienna

International sarcoma meeting “EuSARC” hosted by St. Anna CCRI in Vienna

From May 18th to 20th, St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute (St. Anna CCRI) welcomes scientists and physicians from Europe, the USA, and beyond, at the EuSARC 2023 meeting in Vienna. EuSARC is a Europe-wide group of scientists holding annual meetings to address the dire need for novel therapies in sarcomas, a group of poorly explored bone and soft tissue tumors.

“Children are our future. It’s really important to take care of them.”

International Day of Immunology: How to support the immune system

(Vienna, 29.4.2023) Today is International Day of Immunology – a day to raise awareness for the importance of immunology. A recent study from St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute reveals the association between an impaired immune system and the susceptibility to viral infections and cancer in a young patient.

„I think it’s our job as scientists to prepare research in a communicative way!” – Panel Discussion

18.04.23 / Panel Discussion “Reaching for the Stars – We & Science” 

Drug combination shrinks childhood cancer in zebrafish

A combination therapy against childhood bone cancer is efficient in living organisms: if the tumor is transplanted into fish larvae and treated with certain drugs, it shrinks significantly or disappears completely. However, the journey will still take a while before these drugs can be applied in children, say Martin Distel, PhD, from St. Anna Children's Cancer Research Institute and co-authors. The results were published in the journal Cancer Letters.

Today is RARE DISEASE DAY: We are committed to rare disease research! 

Today is International Childhood Cancer Day!

🎗February 15 is International Childhood Cancer Day. This day stands for the challenges in combating childhood cancer and is a reminder to raise awareness for this devastating disesae.

ERC Consolidator Grant awarded to Eleni Tomazou at St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute

Dr. Eleni Tomazou, Principal Investigator at St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute (CCRI), wins one of the very hard to get Consolidator Grants of the European Research Council (ERC).

Cheryl van de Wetering wins postdoc fellowship from Engelhorn Foundation

 Congratulations! For the first time, a young researcher at St. Anna CCRI, Cheryl van de Wetering, PhD, has received a fellowship for outstanding young scientists from the Peter and Traudl Engelhorn Foundation.

Another success for the Kaan Boztug Group: two FWF Stand Alone projects approved!

Congratulations to Kaan Boztug and Irinka Castanon on two new Stand Alone projects funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF on the topic of rare diseases of the immune system.

Leukemia: Certain children can be spared transplantation

A study in collaboration with St. Anna CCRI shows that stem cell transplantation does not provide any advantage over chemotherapy in a specific form of leukemia.