International Women’s Day: Spotlight on the Power of Women 

(Vienna, 8.3.2024) In celebration of International Women’s Day, we proudly highlight the incredible women of St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute, where an inspiring 67% of our dedicated team members are women. Among them stand Principal Investigators Eleni Tomazou and Sabine Taschner-Mandl, whose contributions shape the landscape of pediatric cancer research.

Eleni Tomazou, recipient of the esteemed ERC grant, champions a unique “build it, to understand it” methodology. Acknowledging the challenge of comprehending tumors, she pioneers modeling childhood cancer, aiming to unravel complexities and create accessible platforms for drug testing.

Equally impactful, Sabine Taschner-Mandl has made significant contributions published in renowned journals. As a Principal Investigator leading the MONALISA project, Taschner-Mandl spearheads collaboration among 24 top European research institutions in pediatric oncology. This Horizon Europe-funded initiative focuses on studying the benefits of innovative diagnostic methods, introducing liquid biopsies for children with neuroblastoma in a clinical setting for the first time.

We are grateful to have Eleni and Sabine on our team, and equally thankful for all the other women at St. Anna CCRI who bring a diversity of perspectives and skills. Their dedication and professionalism are irreplaceable, significantly contributing to shaping the future of pediatric cancer treatment.

On this day, we also stand in solidarity not only with the strong women on our team but also with those women worldwide still fighting for the respect and recognition they deserve. May International Women’s Day serve as a poignant reminder that inclusion propels us all forward.