“Don’t let obstacles deter you.” 

(Vienna, 22.12.2023) Journalist Christian Rainer in a nutshell: what he would do if he were 16 years old again, how he deals with criticism and what he would like to change in the world, he told us in the “Reaching for the stars” interview!

Under the motto of our 35th anniversary “Reaching for the stars”, we have interviewed exciting, renowned personalities who have successfully reached for the stars at some point in their career. This time, journalist and media maker Christian Rainer talks to us over a strong espresso and tells us why he supports St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research: “Medicine is the closest science to us, and children are the closest people to us. You have to do something!” 

The full interview is published in our 35th anniversary commemorative publication. Read an excerpt here.

I am: With heart and soul a journalist and father. 

Something I was enthusiastic about as a child and still enjoy today: Newspapers, magazines, reading, books, language. 

The secret of my success is: The best advice I’ve ever received is: Don’t grow up. 

If I were 16 again, I would: Do little differently, become a journalist again, and not believe I could maybe have become a typical average person. 

How I deal with criticism: In the past my approach was tight-lipped or also offended, but now I have a bit more calmness. Now I seethe more inwardly rather than showing anger outwardly. 

One thing I would like to change in the world: To stop global warming and make sure people don’t start any more wars. But both are probably impossible goals. 

How people can annoy me: With lies, falsehood, and a lack of trustworthiness. 

How I can unwind: By mountain climbing or traveling when there is an ocean in between. 

The superpower I would like to have: Eternal life. Not having to die in the sense of not being able to live anymore. 

The reason I support the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute:Medicine is the closest science to us and children are the closest people to us. Something has to be done here. 

What else would I like to tell the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute for its 35th anniversary? Keep going. Don’t let obstacles deter you. Be empathetic, love people and love children.