“I think there are few things that so many people agree on as that it is good to support St. Anna CCRI!”

(Vienna, 28.08.2023) “Science Buster” and molecular biologist Martin Moder in brief: Why he supports the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute, how he deals with criticism, and what he currently likes doing best!

Under the motto of our 35th anniversary “Reaching for the stars”, we interviewed exciting, renowned personalities who successfully reached for the stars at some point in their careers. This time, Martin Moder welcomed us in his apartment where he shared exciting insights into his creative work and interesting career path!

The full interview will be published in our 35-year anniversary commemorative publication. Read an excerpt from it here already now. 

My name is: 

Martin Moder, molecular biologist 

This is what I was passionate about as a child—and I still enjoy it today: 

Space shuttles. It is not something I enjoy close up, because I have never flown in one, but I still think they’re very cool. 

The secret to my success is: 

I am very interested in what I do and I enjoy it very much. 

This is how I deal with criticism: 

I don’t read it—and if I do, I see if I think it’s funny and, if I do, I turn it into some kind of posting. 

One thing I would like to change in the world: 

World peace would be nice. 

What I like best about my job: 

Video editing—It’s such a relaxing process that I can even do it when I am tired and not very well rested. I can play around and incorporate new ideas. You can’t do much wrong here either. Even if there was ultimately a bit of incorrect information in there, it wouldn’t be the end of the world and you can reflect: What can I do to make it look even better? 

What superpower I would like to have: 

Shooting lasers from my eyes. I’d like to be able to do it. I’d probably never use it but I’d like to show people I like that I can do it and see if they think it’s as cool as I do. 

What else would you like to say to the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute on its 35th anniversary? 

Thank you for doing this. I actually thought about going in that direction in terms of research. Every time I meet people from the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute, I am happy to see that quite a few people who are much more competent in the fields than I would probably have ever become are doing excellent work there.