The first-ever ITCC Scientific Days concluded with big success! 

The Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer (ITCC) conference brought together leading international experts and researchers in pediatric oncology to discuss the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in understanding and treating pediatric cancers. 

Exciting breakthroughs were discussed, including a novel treatment approach for high-grade gliomas that leverages specific signaling pathways, such as PDGFRA. Another promising avenue highlighted was the targeting of driving epigenetic alterations using cutting-edge anticancer agents, leading to more precise and targeted attacks on cancer cells.

As participants on site, we were thrilled to capture the vibrant atmosphere and engage with the conference organizers: Kaan Boztug, Scientific Director of @St. Anna CCRI; Michael Dworzak, Deputy Medical Director from St. Anna Children’s Hospital; and Johannes Gojo from @Medical University of Vienna. Together they shared their enthusiasm about the exceptional quality of speakers with us as well as the overall excitement generated by the engaging program.

In his opening comment, Kaan Boztug expressed his hope that every scientist would leave the conference with at least one new collaboration, highlighting the incredible potential for networking and knowledge exchange. This resonated deeply with the participants, including the distinguished keynote speaker Mike Stratton, renowned for his groundbreaking work in genomics. 

During an exclusive interview, he emphasized that forming collaborations doesn’t always happen on the spot but can emerge naturally over time. “Regard it as an opportunity, that these people have been exposed to the same sort of ideas as you have been, and contact them later, when things come to you,” he said.

The conference not only facilitated fruitful discussions among European institutes but also welcomed non-ITCC participants, particularly young scientists, fostering a broader scientific dialogue. The overwhelming positive feedback received from attendees confirms the success of this remarkable event. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to making the Scientific Days of ITCC an unforgettable experience!